June 29, 2003

mountains are the best exercise

I'm currently in Napier :) Which is good cause it means I get to see me Mum and her Mum. (They both appear to be well.)

On the way over the Rimutakas, I stopped near the top to try the "Trig Walk". I've loved the sub alpine style vegetation up on the mountains, and keep meaning to stop and have a closer look, and the walk seemed like a good idea. Especially as I really love sub alpine plants (did I actually mention that before, or was it just implied) and they are sodding difficult to get to without long, long walking up things. In this case I was promised a 45 minute round trip for the whole experience.

Typically, it was windy. Not quite the Use All Limbs And Possibly Some Other Appendages force wind that is not uncommon in the Welly region, but certainly enough to make me overtly respectful of the mountains. The walk was suitably pretty, and the view at the top was well worth the effort. I couldn't see the Welly side (on account of clouds, rain, etc.) but the Wairarapa looked excellent, complete with shower clouds that were actively raining (they look a lot like the elastic in their undies had died). I could see as far as the sea.

The whole effect was wonderful and so invigorating I ran down the track (well, jogged in places, crawled in places and walked slowly in others - it *felt* fast). I hardly ever run anywhere these days just for the joy of it and it was a lovely feeling.

I don't do as much of this stuff as I'd like to. This is largely because I usually have a lot of high priority reading and eating and lying around to do first which I never seem to get to get to the end of. The mountains have something I can't seem to find anywhere else (aside from anything else, there were these very cool plants that looked like they had feathers instead of leaves, and were a vibrant shade of mid to dark green with dark orange branches - groovy). Just special.

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